Sociology Glossary. a governmental program under which a king or king enjoys full power over a country Leave a comment

Sociology Glossary. a governmental program under which a king or king enjoys full power over a country


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Glossary of Terminology in Sociology

Downright monarchy

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a political system under which a master or queen possess complete control of a nation.

Reached standing

a reputation that we either build or decide which is perhaps not at the mercy of where or perhaps to who we were born.

Agencies of socialization

Individuals, groups, and activities that impact all of our attitude and self-esteem.


An accumulation individuals who happen to be in one place at the same time but I have not any other connection to the other person.

Agricultural or agrarian community

a culture that elevates crops making use of animal-drawn plows.


The feeling of professionals in a bureaucracy they are being treated as stuff versus men.

United States Fantasy

The fact that all People in the us, no matter the circumstances regarding birth, bring an equal chance to become successful.


Relating to strain theory, the feeling of being disconnected from culture that can occur when individuals arent given the institutionalized methods to attain their unique targets. The Word is coined by Emile Durkheim.

Anticipatory socialization

The training of brand new norms and beliefs in expectation of the next part.


a social program where there clearly was complete separation for the races.


The way we appear literally to other folk.

Ascribed condition

a characteristic or distinctive visitors possess as a consequence of the circumstances of delivery.


The procedure whereby members of friends throw in the towel parts of their own tradition in order to blend in to a new community.


a governmental system that does not let people to participate in in government.


A specific indisputable fact that group think to be real.


Another phrase your working-class.

Body language

The methods by which we incorporate our anatomical bodies consciously and instinctively to speak.


Karl Marxs label your owners of the method of productionfactories, companies, and gear needed to produce money.


Per Weber, a type of conventional company which a rational approach is used when it comes to maneuvering of large jobs.


The commercial system where the ways creation include had independently and people become liberated to keep your earnings they make.

Capitalist course

In industrialized societies, the wealthy and effective and owners of the ways of generation. Furthermore called the elite group.

Caste program

A system of stratification considering ascribed statuses.


An accumulation of those who communicate some quality but have hardly anything else in accordance.

Charismatic expert

Expert that is dependent on the personal magnetism of just one person, relating to Webers energy principle.


a spiritual cluster integrated with people.

Course system

Something of stratification centered on realized statuses.


The middle stratum on the estate program of stratification, composed of Roman Catholic priests.


An inside group or faction within a team.


The tendency for a strong country to occupy a weakened country to exploit their resources by creating they a nest.


The cheapest stratum regarding the home system of stratification, consists of the people of people that invested their unique everyday lives engaged in difficult physical work.


an economic climate much like socialism which the way of generation is had by everybody and all sorts of profits would-be provided just as by folks.

Dispute theory

Marxs concept that in virtually any capitalist community there can be eternal conflict involving the owners of the ways creation and also the staff.

Dispute view of deviance

The scene that purports that equivalence in a capitalist society try an impression. Proprietors regarding the ways of production posses a vested fascination with keeping the standing quo by continuing to keep the functional class in a disadvantaged situation.


Relating to Mertons theory of purpose and way, those that take cultural purpose as well as the institutionalized method of achieving them.

Constitutional monarchy

A monarchy when the reigning member of the royal family will be the symbolic head of condition but elected authorities actually do the governing.

Control theory

Walter Recklesss concept that posits whenever an individual is tempted to do deviance, internal handles and external handles can possibly prevent her or him from doing so.


A means of living that opposes the prominent heritage.


The violation of an authored legislation.

Crime contrary to the person

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